Erik, Jessabelle, Jess, Mary Kate.

It feels so wonderful to have the same four people in my life all the time.
I love having constants and being able to depend on people for support and comfort.
I know that is something I need to grow out of, but when you are constantly with others, it becomes hard to learn to do things alone.

Don't get me wrong; I love alone time.
But it isn't as much of a necessity to me as it is to most.
I love to laugh, and I never laugh more than when I am with them. We always do the same old stuff, but it never gets old.
All of our personalities blend so well together, but we're all identities of our own.
I like it that way.
We don't butt heads, and we're constantly learning new things about one another.

I know I've said this about a ton of people in the past, but I really see something different in these guys, and I really do hope I continue to know these kids far into my future, and grow with them as individuals, as friends, as family.


That is all.

p.s. Pita Chips are an ingenious invention.